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Documentation : API Keys

Every account must have at least one API Key to access the system.

What is an API Key?

The Easy API uses a key based system which will be a 32 alpha-numeric combination. This is the one part of information which allows us to uniquely identify your account among the others without giving away any personal or sensitive information. Imagine if we were to have you send in your username and password to log into the system everytime. If your system is comprimised then they have your account details and possibly log into our server with your details. That's why we setup API Keys which are not based on the domain(s) that you have setup, but it is a key that identifies your account.

32 Characters?

Yes, it's 32 characters because we encrypt a few peices of information into the key and then produce an MD5 checksum of the encrypted values. This allows us to maintain a high level of security because at any given time if we were to be comprimised your password and your API Key are all encrypted.

How many keys can I create?

We don't limit the amount of keys you can have. Unlike some other systems out there that allow you only to have one active key at one time we don't limit that.

Why would I have multiple keys?

There isn't a solid reason why you would have multiple keys. Since the security of the system is handled in multiple ways someone having your key isn't going to allow them access to the API since their server isn't added to the list of servers on your account. We just provided the option for you to add more keys just because we can.