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Documentation : Error Codes

Error Code Description
1001 "XML Problem - Not valid XML. Please check your XML string and try again." This error comes out when the XML sent into the system is not parsed correctly. Check for typo's.
1002 "HTTP Problem - You must send the XML Request either through POST." This error happens when the system is looking for a POST value of "request" but is unable to find it.
1003 "Account Problem - Your plan was invalid, I do not know how this happened but it did. Please contact for more information." This error appears when your account has a plan identifier that is not found in our database. This error should never be seen, but is a possibility.
1004 "Account Problem - You are attempting to use a Premium service without adding the service to your account. Please log into your account and add this service." This error appears when the service being called has not been added to the account, to repair log into the account and add activate the service.
1005 "Account Problem - The server IP Address: {server ip} was not found on your server list. Please log into your account and make the correct change." This error appears when the server calling the service is not added to the list of available servers that is connected to the API Key.
1006 "Service Problem - You are using a service but are not providing all the required information for the service. Please refer to the service documentation found at" If the service being called requires additional criteria and that criteria is not found this error will be shown. To fix: look at the documentation and provide the correct variables in the criteria.
1007 "Login Problem - Your api key failed. Please specify a valid API Key to use. To obtain this please login to your account and click on My Profile at the top of the page to view your API Key." This error appears when an API Key was specified but cannot be linked back to any account. To fix: log into the system and go to Profile. On that page you will find the key(s) that are available to use.
1007 "Account Problem - You have used all of the alloted calls for a 24 hour period. If you wish to keep making calls you will either have to wait, or purchase a plan with higher amount of calls." This error appears when you are attempting to make a call to an API but are out of allowed requests. You can purchase an account which has more calls allowed or you will have to wait 24 hours (when new calls will be available).
9999 "We have no idea why this error came up. The server type reported : {error class shown} Please send this message to" This error comes when we have no idea what happened, and it will tell you the type of error it was looking for. It's essentially the catch-all error. Please send us an email right away with the error that's shown.