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Documentation : Methods ( Premium Service )

Method - info

This method will provide the following categories RelatedLinks, Categories, Rank, RankByCountry, RankByCity, UsageStats, ContactInfo, AdultContent, Speed, Language, Keywords, OwnedDomains, LinksInCounty, and SiteData. This API is a passthru and the data that comes back from the server will have no post-processing performed.

Method - history

The history method returns the daily Alexa Traffic Rank, Reach per Million, and Unique Page Views per Month for each day since June 2007. This same data is what drove the usage statistic graphs found on Alexa's main site.

Method - linking

The linking method returns a list of web sites linking to a given web site. Within each domain linking to the website , only a single link - the one with the highest page-level traffic is returned. The data is updated once every two months.